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Sapataria Cândida Teixeira Foz

Sapataria Cândida Teixeira Foz (shoe store) has two shops in the city of Porto, one at Rua 31 de Janeiro and at the other at Foz. Its owner previously worked in this establishment and eventually acquired the store from her previous boss in order to continue the business. In this shoe store, costumers will be able to find a wide variety of footwear, both for men and women, with several brands of reference available in the national and international scene. Sapataria Cândida Teixeira also includes leather goods and wallets.

Shoes, exé, softines

Monday to Saturday: 11:30-19:30


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Avenida Brasil, 811

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Foz Sea

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Joanna Shoe Store has three establishments throughout Porto: two of them live on the steep 31 de Janeiro street and one is on Cedofeita street.
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Some of the products it sells are made from 100% national cork. It also sells a range of accessories, such as wallets.
Your customer service is characterized by being careful and always available in response to your needs.

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