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Meu Pão bakery wants you to spend an unforgettable afternoon with your friends, enjoying the delicious coffee and cakes it has to offer. The service is friendly, the atmosphere is warm and spacious, where you can have coffee, eat anything or wrap yourself in your favourite book. They serve meals, either breakfasts and snacks, or lunches, with local dishes, with emphasis on their freshness and particular taste. They serve fresh bread, cakes and various pastries, to convince their customers in moments of pause. According to them, "serving our guests is our passion. For food bloggers: taking pictures and posting them on Instagram is simple, just access their free Wi-Fi.

Bread, cakes, pastries.

Monday to Saturday: 7h30 - 19h30 | Sunday: closed


Author:Patrícia Mascarenhas | 2021-05-06

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Comment:Espaço muito agradável, com serviço simpático e disponível. Variedade de escolha e menus práticos para o almoço.