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Idearsoft is a technology solutions company that specializes in one on one products and services. Here you will find computers with desktops, laptops, POS systems and workstations, as well as tablets, storage systems, external disks and clouds, spares, networking products, cable, routers, smartphone accessories, drones, licensed software, articles for smart homes with video surveillance camera, sockets and bells, scooters, hoverboards, televisions, home cinema, car audio, hi-fi systems, gaming consoles, peripherals, supplies such as toners, ink cartridges and various types of paper, solutions systems and interactive components.

Mouse, mouse, electronics, computer, repair, mobile phones, ink cartridges, consumable

Monday to Friday: 09h30 - 13h, 14h30 - 19h | Saturday: 10h - 13h | Sunday: closed

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Author:Valer Aguiar | 2020-05-28

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Comment:Atendimento personalizado e conhecedores dos produtos. Simpáticos e atenciosos. Se não tiverem procuram arranjar. Excelente.