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Maus Hábitos is one of the most important places in the cultural environment of the city. It is a multi-valued cultural intervention space that does not fit into one category. Thanks to its active artistic programming, you can, for example, attend concerts and plays or attend exhibitions. But it's also the perfect place to have a drink in the evening, a night out or a meal. Maus Hábitos is defined, in its words, as “cultural producer, with an artistic awareness of intervention, producing and presenting artistic programs that act on the contemporary condition of culture. It is rather an open, urban, bastard and emblematic space of the city. ”

Bar, restaurant, pizzas, cocktails, beverages, drinks

Tuesday 12h — 00h Wednesday and Thursday 12h — 02h Friday and Saturday 12h — 04h Sunday 12h — 17h


Author:David Pinto | 2019-12-17

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