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Porto d’Aromas is probably the most fragrant store in the city of Porto. It exists since 2004 and sells the best fragrance brands for home, such as Lampe Berger, Heart & Home or Boles d’Olor. The smell assumes itself as a great enhancer of emotional states, so if you want to feel aromas of beach, countryside, flowers, fruits, washed clothes, among others, here is the place. The most difficult thing will be to choose the best fragrance. In addition, it dedicates the rest of its space to decorative products, children's items, gift and handicrafts, also holding workshops. The store has the additional charm of the mascot Mia, a street cat that has been in the store since 2014.

Candles, flavorings, decorative objects, children's decor products

Monday to Saturday: 10:30-19:30 | Sunday: Closed


Author:Jorge Silva | 2020-07-06

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Comment:Avaliação efetuada pela equipe de desenvolvimento. Não deve de ser considerada.

Author:anjoalre | 2020-07-01

Reception: Space: Products:

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