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The platform Shop in Porto was born with the purpose of disseminating the local and traditional commerce of Porto, making it more visible, accessible and attractive for those who reside and for those who visit the city. On the web platform or in the mobile app Shop in Porto, anyone can find one commercial establishment according to the product or service you want to buy at a given time, according to their geographic location, the meaning of the store in the history of city, or also according to promotions, campaigns and special offers that the store owner wishes to promote.

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FAQs ⋅ Shop owners

Shop in Porto is for merchants and commercial establishments owners of Porto city. It’s also for consumers and clients from all over the world, whether they are residents of the city or visitors.

Any person or entity that operates any commercial establishment in the city of Porto, duly legalized.

Shop in Porto was created by Porto City Council to promote, publicize and make known the city’s street commerce, tell its stories and thus encourage people to visit, know and (re) discover it.
Shop in Porto allows the commerce sector of the city to advertise the business, promotions, special offers, discounts and happy hours, to be part of shopping itineraries, to be evaluated and to reach prominence in the monthly ranking of the best stores in the city, increasing visibility and sales.

To register on Shop In Porto you must complete the online registration form. This will be submitted to the Porto City Council, which will validate the information and, if necessary, complete or rectify it.
After verifying the information entered, an invoice will be issued and sent to the shop owner, corresponding to the payment of the annual fee of Shop in Porto, in the amount of 20 € (twenty euros). After the shop owner makes the payment, Porto City Council will send to the store a photographer responsible for taking facade and interior images of the store. Four of these photos will then be inserted by the photographer on the store’s Shop in Porto page, and will be posted online. Only at this moment do the 12 months of annuity begin to be counted.

The registration form includes a descriptive text of the commercial establishment and the indication of the products and services that it commercializes.

Yes. The platform has a section called “Now in Porto”, where each shop owner can enter campaigns and special offers that will be available only for one day. There’s also the section “Promotions”, where you can create long term promotions (a 1 week discount, for instance). It’s the shop owner himself that creates this campaigns and promotions in his personal area.

Yes. Historical stores, recognized as part of the “Porto de Tradição” project, and accessible through the platform search, will be highlighted on the “Porto de Tradição” section, and the clients or consumers can create, if they wish, a visiting itinerary by these commercial establishments.

Yes. The disclosure of your establishment on Shop in Porto will have an annual cost of €20 (twenty euros). The first grant of this amount is paid at the time of registration and the following each year after the year of registration.

Shop in Porto registration approval is subject to payment of 20 € (twenty euros). Payment of this amount ensures that the store page is online for a period of one year. If, after this period, the shop owner wishes to maintain his Shop in Porto registration, he must renew the annuity payment.
When the shop owner registers, he receives an invoice and the data to make the payment.
For all shop owners who register by December 31, 2019, the first year of Shop in Porto membership is free, ie they are exempt from paying the annuity for a period of 1 year.

Each shop registered in Shop in Porto will have its store page. This page contains 4 photos, the name of the store, a description of the store, a list of products sold and location and contact details. On this store page, you will also be able to see if the store has any promotions or campaigns (“Now in Porto”) running, as well as the ratings provided by the store’s customers.

The photograph and upload of images of each establishment on Shop in Porto platform are exclusive responsibility of the Porto City Council.

Each shop page in Shop in Porto contains the name of the store, its description, a list of products it sells, opening hours and location and contact details. This information is written by each commercial establishment and then reviewed by the Porto City Council.

This section of registration form is intended to upload documents that prove that you actually have a business establishment in the city. You must enter the Certificate of the Commercial Registry (Certidão da Conservatória do Registo Comercial). If you are a sole trader, the declaration of commencement of activity (declaração de início de atividade), which can be obtained online at the Finances online website.

If you are having trouble signing up for Shop in Porto, this may be due to the fact that you are using an older version of your browser. We recommend you try to upgrade your browser (Internet Explorer, Google Chrome, or Mozilla Firefox) to the latest version and try again. If the problem persists, please use one of the contacts available to report this situation to the Municipal Department of Tourism and Commerce. Thank you!

No. After the submission of the online registration form, Porto City Council will verify the information and documents submitted. If they are in compliance with the request, and if the payment of the annuity, the amount of €20, is done, the Municipal Council of Porto will proceed to the collection of photos of the establishment, wich will be used in Shop in Porto. Once these images have been collected and treated your commercial establishment will be online and visible to all users of the platform.

The adhesion to Shop in Porto implies the payment of a fee in the amount of 20€. For shop owners who register for the first time, the payment of the first annuity provides a period of online visibility for one year. This period only starts once your store is online and visible to users, even though the payment has been made in advance. This way, the annuity expiration date is counted from the day the store goes online.

If you have more than one shop and want to register them all in Shop in Porto, please be aware that this is possible. To do so, simply complete the full registration form for each store, making sure to add the Business Registration Certificates (Certidão da Conservatória do Registo Comercial) or declaration of commencement of activity (declaração de início de atividade) for each establishment. Each store must be registered with a different email address.

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