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Suggested Itineraries

Here you will find itineraries of shops organized by us or by well-known personalities of the city. Routes of commercial establishments grouped according to product categories, festive seasons, historical relevance of the store, among others.

These itineraries are designed so that users can discover new stores and revisit those they already know, facilitating the search of products and shopping experiences in Porto.

These are our suggestions!


Select one of the Suggested Itineraries to learn more about its stores and their locations.

  • Eduardo Aires: The route of someone who knows how to enhance the image of Porto
    10 Stores
  • Madalena Martins' proximity to the street commerce in Porto
    11 Stores
  • Catarina Ribeiro: a route out of books
    8 Stores
  • Ana Mestre: the itinerary of a predestined lady from Porto
    5 Stores
  • The historical legacy of our street commerce, by César Santos Silva
    8 Stores
  • Ruben Rua, an eternal passionate for Porto
    16 Stores
  • Oporto seen by Daniel Pires, founder of Maus Hábitos
    6 Stores
  • Luís Onofre brings a traditional and cosmopolite Oporto
    4 Stores


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