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Aniplay is a store dedicated to Japanese popular culture with a special focus on the Japanese animation universe. Founded in 2013, we sell a wide selection of anime, video games, films and series related merchandise. It also includes a space dedicated to alternative fashion and one for leisure, by using stage and multimedia material. In this establishment, Aniplay also organizes thematic promotion events such as cosplay contests and quizzes. It also has the support of various cultural associations related to our main areas of focus, thus becoming an important hub for all culture buffs in Japan.

Mechandising, anime, japan pop culture, comics, series, k-pop, movies.

Monday to Friday: 10:30-19:30 | Saturday and Holidays: 14:30-19:30 | Sunday: 15:30-19:30


Author:Fábio Moreira | 2019-12-13

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