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Cervejaria Gazela is a historic space of the city, awarded with numerous awards and a must stop in any gastronomic itinerary. It is known above all for its hotdogs, which are nowadays one of the most sought after and iconic snacks of Porto and an example of the best comfort food you can find. They are made in toasted, narrow bread with a very spicy fresh sausage and melted cheese, cut into small pieces and served with a fresh beer. You can hardly eat just one. You will always be welcomed by our friendly staff. In addition to the hotdogs, be sure to try the famous steak too.

Hot dog, steak

Monday to Friday 12:00-22:30 | Saturday: 12:00-22:30 | Sunday: Closed


Author:Tiago Mergulhão | 2019-11-28

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Comment:Um dos ex-libris da cidade. É obrigatório visitar.