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If you ask your parents and grandparents if they remember the grinder's flute, they will most likely say yes. They announced their presence on the streets, and people who had knives and scissors to sharpen, or even umbrellas to straighten sticks, went toward the music. André Fernandes is Bolhão's grinder, he learned his art from his grandfather 13 years ago and Bolhão Market is his second home, where he grew up and saw it grow. If you have cutlery, whether knives, scissors, pliers, razors, among others, or if you want to buy cutlery, André Amolador has no tuned music but has very sharp cutlery.


Monday to Saturday 8h - 18h


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Rua Fernandes Tomás, 506-508 Mercado Temporário do Bolhão lugar bo1

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