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If enjoying the day means being able to optimise what you have to do, in order to be free to do what you like, Carpe Diem has chosen its name perfectly. This stationery and tobacco store is a multifaceted space that offers a panoply of services, so that the client can save time and enjoy all the services in the same space. In this space you can find newspapers and magazines, find cards for special occasions, buy tobacco from various brands and accessories for smokers, try your luck in the Santa Casa Games - Euromillions, Placard, scratch cards, Lotto, lotteries - buy school supplies, pick up your UPS order and enjoy PayShop services, EPAY Cards and Moneygram.

Tobacco, School Material.

Monday to Saturday: 08h30 - 19h30 | Sunday: 08h30 - 13h


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