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At Portuguese Porto Market you will find the best in the country, in a space that brings together some of the most typical products of each district - wines, handicrafts, honey and olive oils, are just a few - from north to south of the country, and has space for the typical tavern where wine is drunk in the malga and there are cheese and cold meat boards, codfish balls, bifanas and pies to starve. In addition to the commercial component, ensured by artisans and authentic Portuguese brands, run by national or Portuguese-speaking entrepreneurs, the market also explores the cultural aspect through free events of Fado, concertina, folklore or Alentejo singing.

Jewelery, handicrafts, preserves, oils, jams

Monday to Saturday: 10:00-19:00, Sunday: closed


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Founded in 2004, this space owes its name to the lady who dreamt of one day having a shop dedicated to traditional Portuguese crockery made on the potter’s wheel and painted by hand. Nowadays is nicknamed the “Pottery and Embroidery shop” due to the two main categories of products: ceramics and embroidery, both handcrafted and 100% Portuguese. Highlights include the faience from Coimbra, ceramics from São Pedro do Corval in Alentejo, roosters from Barcelos, certified embroideries from the Azores, certified shawls, and handkerchiefs from Minhoto and Meadela, among others. In addition to the items on display, clients can learn about the manufacturing process, the history of the pieces and videos of their production. They have the option of producing customized parts.

Created in 2013, Pedro Santos atelier is dedicated to the design and craft production of ceramic objects. Porcelain paste is the material chosen to shape the pieces by its whiteness and translucency. The projects are produced by hand in small series or unique pieces, and it is also possible to customize products upon request.
The pieces are available for sale at the studio, in traditional online trading partners on the author’s website. In the area of ceramics, Pedro Santos atelier also provides technical support, training and sharing of workspaces for short-term projects.

The owners of Padaria Pardal assure that the best ‘regueifa’ (wheat bread, generally braided) of Porto is made by them, every Sunday. But besides bread, this establishment, whose origins are linked to the city of Amarante, also bakes Conventual and traditional sweets: “Toucinho do Céu” (a kind of cake made with pearl sugar to which ground almonds are added, sometimes gila jam and, finally, a large portion of egg yolks), “Babão” (a special cake made with many eggs and much sugar), “Pudim do Santo” (special kind of pudding, made with eggs, butter and sugar), and even biscuit cake “just like the one mother used to make”. There are plenty of reasons to visit this bakery and pastry shop. Casa Pardal is proud of its motto: “Made with the heart, delivered in hand” – which reflects the attention with which they receive each client and the demand upon the choice of the best raw materials.

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