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Matrículas Invicta

The company Matrículas Invicta Lda. was born from the society of two friends (Joaquim Sousa and Sandra Vieira) who, working in the area for some years for other companies, decided to bet on their own business and hence formed Matrículas Invicta Lda. - motivated by the taste for the area and also to give continuity to the manufacture of the luxury registrations for the classic cars, because those who produced them were disappearing or retiring. Not wanting to let this type of registrations finish, they decided to bet on their own project. They are the only company that manufactures classic car and motorbike number plates; for classic cars they are produced in metal. They manufacture all models of number plates, including custom ones.

License plates, car parts.

Monday to friday: 09h - 12h30, 14h30 - 19h | Saturday: 09h30 - 12h30 | Sunday: closed


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