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Ourivesaria Coutinho

For many the oldest goldsmith in the city, what is certain is that the Coutinho Goldsmith was born in 1859, belongs to the same family since 1919, and has stories to tell that no other Porto remember. There were 37 goldsmiths in this area, being inserted in a bourgeois area, and today few remain. Inside we can find gold, silver and filigree, such as Viana's hearts, cutlery, clocks, among others. Being in an area with high tourist incidence, it ends up having as clients many of these foreign passersby, but also keeping whole families who continue to shop here.

Earrings, bracelets, shoehorn, jars, candelabra, silver and gold filigree

Monday to Friday: 9:30-12:30 | 14:30-18:45, Saturday: 9:30-12:45, Sunday: closed

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We are here

Rua das Flores, 187

Postal Code:
4050- 266

City Zone:
Historic Center

Landline Phone:


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