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This is the first frame workshop in the city. It was founded in 1858 by two brothers, António and José dos Santos and the business is still in the family. The art of gilding and silvering with gold or silver leaf is an endangered art, but not here, where we value this craft, using traditional techniques and materials to reproduce classic objects, but also creating unique and contemporary objects. Throughout its existence, several artists created models of frames or margins, such as António Carneiro, Henrique Medina and Fernando Lanhas. The awards include the Bronze Medal at the 1900 Paris Universal Exposition and the Gold Medal at the Portuguese Industrial Exhibition in 1933.

Custom frames, handcrafted frames, carvings, mirrors, art, canvas, picture frame, restoration, gold leaf, gilders, candle holder, decoration objects

Monday to Friday: 09:30-12:30 | 14:30-19:00, Saturday: 09:30-13:00, Sunday: closed

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    Our founder was a Fine Arts student and we have always been the home of the city's artists. Among our most important clients we highlight the artists Silva Porto, Marques de Oliveira, Veloso Salgado, António Carneiro, Aurélia de Sousa, Henrique Medina, Fernando Lanhas, Júlio Resende and Albuquerque Mendes To pay tribute to all those who make art their way of life, those who liberate themselves by creating and to all restless spirits, we offer artists a 20% discount on all custom-made frames.

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