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Sir Tile Design, Lda.

The Sir Tile® brand is an accumulation of ideas collected over 20 years of work in the area of design, combined with the wealth of the city of Porto, the knowledge of the textile industry and the pleasure of sharing that which Portugal has of unique. The brand was created in 2018 and the physical shop was born from the need to have a direct contact with customers. Here you can find socks without gender, of high range, produced in Portugal, with an aesthetic concept different from other brands. Made of 100% long fibre, soft and resistant cotton, in order to provide better comfort and at the same time ensure the durability of the product, in a period when the sustainability of the textile industry is the order of the day.

Half 001 blue floral, half 002 geometric brown, half 003 cubes, half 004 blue triangle, half 005 green diagonal, half 006 geometric red, half 007 stylised floral.

Monday to Friday: 10h - 18h | Saturday: 15h - 19h | Sunday: closed


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