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Casa d´Aldeia is a grocery store specializing in regional products. Here you will find a little of everything regarding traditional Portuguese products. From the traditional sausages, cheese, wine, organic honey or olive oil, to the seasonal fruit and also frozen from some of the most delicious savory foods to offer, such as Pastel de Chaves, homemade patties and croquettes. In addition to the wide range of regional products available in the store, you can place orders for many other products, such as regional bread, key folar or village potatoes. Casa d´Aldeia represents the Portuguese countryside in the city of Porto.

Sausages, cheeses, wines, honey, olive oil, nuts, jams, chocolates, own production, seasonal fruit

Monday to Friday: 09h- 19h Saturday and Sunday: closed

Money, ATM, MB Way, Bank transfer


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  • Red wine

    Ends: 2021/02/28 18:30

    Douro Red Wine Pensamento Wine – Carrazeda de Ansiães Bottle 4 €

  • Honey

    Ends: 2021/02/28 18:30

    Honey Rosemary Region Carrazeda de Ansiães Half kg bottle 5 € € 8 kg bottle

  • Pasteis de Chaves

    Ends: 2021/12/31 17:30

    Certified Pasteis de Chaves We sell Frozen units. Each pastel keys 1 €

  • Olive oil

    Ends: 2021/12/31 19:00

    Olive Oil Garrafão Douro Region Carrazeda de Ansiães 5 Lts – 25 €

  • Alheiras

    Ends: 2021/02/28 18:30

    Alheiras in the Region of Chaves Made in a handmade way, with refined flavor, with light texture. we sell to Kg 12 €.

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Rua Costa Cabral, 2587

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