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If, in the beginning, the Mercadinho do Porto was born from the idea of offering a wide range of regional and national products to those visiting Porto, the context led it to adapt the business and help the community with the delivery of food products. With the same focus on proximity to the customer, this fine grocery store stands out for selling products in bulk, with a wide variety, spices, dried fruit, dehydrated fruit, pulses, seeds, coffee, pasta, cereals, flour, sugar, salt, tea and detergents. In addition to these products, there is daily homemade bread, baked in the shop, regional products, such as cheese, sausages, olive oil, honey, wine and a more traditional grocery section.

Bulk, organic, regional, ecological detergents, candles, ecological soaps, teas, spices, cereals, pulses, dried fruits, dehydrated fruits, Paupério biscuits, fruit, vegetables, Life in a Bag, coffee, seeds, chocolates, preserves, wines.

Monday to friday: 10h - 19h | Saturday: 10h - 13h | Sunday: closed

Take Away, Home delivery

Money, ATM, MB Way, Bank transfer


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