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Portugalidades is a chain of stores, founded in 2010, which specializes in the sale of national handicraft pieces. This brand works directly with artisans and artists from various corners of Portugal, in order to fulfill its mission of exhibiting and promoting the best that is done in terms of Portuguese handicrafts, both at the traditional and contemporary levels.

Tiles, jewelry, saints, magnets, souvenirs, decorative art, gifts

Monday to Sunday:: 10h - 20h


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The business appeared in July, right after the outbreak of the epidemic. The context was already challenging, taking into account that one of the owners was connected to the Local Accommodation. Faced with the challenges of 2020, she decided to open something that could bring some income to her business and from there open something related to food, with a bet on regional Portuguese products, such as Transmontano bread and ‘folar’ (traditionally Easter bread in Portugal, made from water, salt, eggs and wheat flour; the shape, content and confection vary according to the regions of Portugal and range from normal to salty, in the most diverse forms) (Vinhais, Bragança, Mirandela and Carrazeda de Ansiães), sausages (ham, sausage, alheiras, chouriça, etc.), cheese from various regions, olive oils from the Trás-os-Montes and Alentejo regions, regional sweets, ‘bolo-rei’ (a festive cake in the shape of a crown, which is part of the Portuguese tradition, and which is typically eaten at Christmas and on the Day of Kings; round in shape, with a large hole in the centre, it is made of a white, fluffy mass mixed with dried grapes, dried fruit and crystallised fruit; its name alludes to the three Wise Men)and ‘bolo-raínha’ (exactly like the ‘bolo-rei’, but with dried fruit only) baked in a wood-fired oven and ‘pão-de-ló’ (similar to sponge cake). The bet is on the Portuguese product and its inherent quality.

The workshop 110 Cores opened in 2004, when the Company J. P. da Conceição was celebrating 110 years of existence. The name comes as a tribute to its age. Throughout its existence, the atelier has given training and workshops, organised exhibitions, participated in events, established partnerships, promoted internships, helped clients and helped to hold projects. Visiting this space you can find the artists in their work environment. The pieces produced here stand out for their originality and creativity. It has a wide and differentiated offer, from figurines, popular saints and improbable cribs, artistic and decorative pieces (plates, bowls, masks, etc.) to tiles and personal accessories.

Prometeu Artesanato is a chain of stores specialized in handicraft objects with authorial production and created by hand, with more than ten years of experience in the area.
It stands out in the sale of products produced exclusively for its establishments by its authors, giving the customer the possibility to know and watch the entire creation process.
In the Prometeu Artesanato spaces you can find ceramic pieces from Alentejo, tiles, jewelry, iron pieces, wooden images and crafts from Barcelos, among many other solutions that are part of the careful selection available in these stores.

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