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Open to the public since 1994, Café Vaga stands out for the good atmosphere that its space provides, coupled with a careful customer service. With a great terrace, this establishment offers a cafeteria service with a variety of snacks, alcoholic and non-alcoholic drinks, breakfasts and light meals, which can be accompanied by a tasty soup. Café Vaga also has a tobacco service, where you can buy various brands and types of tobacco, also selling newspapers and magazines of various kinds, as well as free wifi and a computer that allows internet access to its customers.

Steaks on bread, soups of the day, snacks, coffee, alcoholic and non-alcoholic drinks, newspapers, magazines

Monday to Friday: 07h - 20h Saturday and Sunday: 08-19h

Money, ATM


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Avenida da Boavista, 1717

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The Cufra Restaurant opened on August 15, 1974, and its opening to the general public took place on September 14 of the same year. The origin of the name appeals to our senses, as Cufra is synonymous with oasis, the largest oasis in the Sahara desert in south-eastern Libya. Cufra’s success is due to its large space, its excellent location and the service and manufacture of high quality products.
The menu highlights the famous Francesinhas and the steaks and hotdogs, which have made this establishment a landmark of Porto gastronomy for several decades.
Cufra has a private park for its guests.

Breaking social conventions can also involve gastronomy. If you like waffles and are looking for fun and sassy new shapes, Pouca Vergonha could be your thing. With a concept that has been successful in cities such as Lisbon, Madrid, Paris, or Seville, the waffle shop that breaks with the square dessert concept and introduces the waffle in the shape of a pennis and vulva, opened in Porto. In addition to choosing the shape, you can also choose the topping, which can be chocolate, white chocolate, hazelnut chocolate, hazelnut white chocolate, strawberry, or caramel. You can also choose an extra topping, which can be Oreo biscuit, caramel biscuit, coloured chips or grated coconut.

Restaurant located in one of the most charismatic areas of Porto, right between the emblematic Palácio da Bolsa and the Alfândega building. Its specialty is traditional Portuguese food, with a very diverse range of meat and fish dishes, such as Braga’s cod, Brás’s cod or Lagareiro’s Octopus. There is also a wide range of tapas, which you can enjoy while sipping a glass of wine or beer, such as fried patties, galician octopus, alheira or roasted chorizo. It also has a wide range of salads and soup. On sunny days you can enjoy its terrace.

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